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Welcome to the Most Awesome Club Ever Created!

A club where beer enthusiasts and newbies alike can come together with their "brew"theren and celebrate the complexity and depth of this glorious beverage known as beer. Each member pledges their empty growler to be filled once a month with a new and exciting brew. As they embark on a flavorful journey and introduce new members to the "brew"niverse, they will always uphold the noble name of the Gold City Growler of the Month Club.

32 oz. Membership

32oz. Growler Bottle

1 Pour Per Month

Member Booklet with Tasting Notes

$78.00 for the year

64 oz. Membership

64oz. Growler Bottle

1 Pour Per Month 

Member Booklet with tasting notes

$155.00 for the year

Interested? Head over to Gold City Growlers at 10 South Chestatee Street to get your official G.O.T.M.C membership book.

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